2835 [120LEDs/M, 28.8W/M]

- Made by 2835 Top LED as light source.
- Constant temperature sensor driving IC integrated.
- Working current of LEDs adjust automatically by the temperature sensors according to environmental temperature changing.
- Max. operating temperature:55℃±2.5℃ 
- Prolong the lifespan of strip light.
- Suitable for temperature fluctuations area.
Icon white 24V LM7980
LED Type 2835 Top LED Power (W) 115.2w (28.8w/m)
LED Quantity 600LEDs, 8.3mm LED pitch Max Luminous Flux 2640lm/m
Product Dimensions 5000x8x1.5mm Voltage (V) 24V
Unit Length 50mm/ 6LEDs Current (A) 4.8A
Humidity 40% - 70% RH Ingress Protection IP20/ IP54/ IP65/ IP66/ IP67
Ambient Temperature 0°C ~ +60°C CRI >80/ 90
LED Life Time 50,000 hours Warranty 3 years
Model No. Light Color Color Temperature(K)/
Luminous Flux[lm/M]
WW-FLS102T29SW120B-24(WCP)-HR-LT White 5700-6500K 2640
WW-FLS102T29NW120B-24(WCP)-HR-LT Neutral White 3700-4250K 2640
WW-FLS102T29WW120B-24(WCP)-HR-LT Warm White 2300-2600K/ 2600-2900K/ 2900-3200K 2244
Model No. Description