RGB Amplifier

Model no.: WW-FLSAM101-12/24

RGB Amplifier is an accessory product of LED lighting controller together with LED light source, RGB controller and switching power supply to form a complete lighting system. This product used to receive RGB signal from LED controller and send the signal to another group of LED lighting. This unit does NOT send out RGB Data to control RGB Led Strips, but it can increase the current through the strip and make the long strip work in good condition.

 - Supply Voltage: DC12V/24V
 - Working Temperature: -20-60℃
 - Connection mode: common anode
 - External dimension: L102 * W64* H23mm
 - Package size: L122 * W87 * H43mm
 - Net weight: 100g
 - Gross weight: 130g
 - Output: 3 channels
 - Output current: <4A (each channel)
 - Output power: 60W(5V)   144W(12V)  288W(24V)