IR 20-Key High Voltage LED Controller

Model no.: WW-XHM-HVRGB03

This product apply to full-color RGB HV strip lighting system and single color temperature HV strip lighting system, Though Infrared remote and RF remote to control strip’s brightness, color temperature, color, dynamic patterns directly (apply to RGB HV strips). Can do choice conveniently and quickly among different patterns, brightness adjustable under static patterns, and speed adjustable under dynamic patterns.


 ●  Voltage Data 
     - Input Voltage:AC110V/230  
     - Input current:≦3A 
     - Output Voltage:AC110V/230  
     - Output current:≦1A/Channel * 3 channels 
     - Working Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz 
     - Max Output Power: 360W(120V)/ 720W(230V) 

●  Controls Parameter  
    - Output:3 channels
    - Dimming Manner:PWM dimming 
    - Controlling Manner:IR 
    - Remote controlled distance: >8m 
    - Connecting Mode:common anode 

●  Interface
    - Power Input interface:US version or EU version attaching plug
    - Load output interface:Four-core screwed joint

●  Others
    - Housing material:Fire protection plastic
    - Working temperature:-20~70℃
    - Packaging type:White box(Neutral packing)
    - External dimension:L300*W38*H35(mm)
    - Spare part:Controller, Remote, Specification