38 Keys IR RGB+WW Controller

Model no.: WW-FLS103T54-CU

This product adopt the most advanced infra-red technology, use for controlling RGBWY LED strips. It have variety of changing effect, can adjust the brightness, speed and on/off functions. The product also has a power failure function for which the previous mode can be executed for power-on again. Users according to their needs to select their favorite changing mode through the remote controller, which has a shortcut way to select static color and the white luminance.

 - Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃
 - Supply voltage: DC12V-24V
 - Output: 5 channels, common anode
 - Static wattage:<1W
 - External dimension:L61*W35*H22 mm
 - Package dimension::L136*W48*H59 mm
 - Net weight:60g
 - Gross weight:85g
 - Output current:<3A(each channel)
 - Output power:12V<180W,  24V<360W

Remote Controller:
 - Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃
 - Supply method:Button cell battery
 - Supply voltage:3V
 - Standby wattage: 0.3uW
 - Standby current: 0.1uA