5050RGB AC 110V [60LEDs/M, 8.64W/M]

The Strip is made by Flexible Printed Circuit Board and 5050 Top LEDs. The LEDs deliver even and high brightness lighting effects. It features at its very soft and flexible body with a maximum bending diameter of 6 cm, thus making it shock-proof, convenient for transportation and easy for installation. Its ingress protection level has been rated IP44, under the double insulation by PVC plastic as a protective film, providing a transparent, waterproof and dustproof packaging. The fire retardant and anti-UV product has a cutting unit of 1-meter long, with 60 LEDs on it, so that you could cut a different length for your project and request. The strip works on AC 110V and has passed CE, RoHS, EMC testing, which make it applicable to both indoor & outdoor decorative illumination.

Icon AC 110V RGB

LED Type 5050RGB Top LED Power (W) 8.64w/m
LED Quantity 3000LEDs, 16.6mm LED pitch Max Luminous Flux 193.8lm/m
Product Dimensions 50000x14.3x7.5mm Voltage (V) 110V
Unit Length 500mm/ 30LEDs Current (A) 1.8A
Humidity 40% - 70% RH Ingress Protection IP44
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ +45°C CRI -
LED Life Time 50,000 hours Warranty 1 year
Model No. Light Color Color Temperature(K)/
Luminous Flux[lm/M]
HVFLST5C3C-20/50-EU/UK/CN RGB R:620-630nm/ G:515-525nm/ B:465-472nm 193.8
Model No. Description

Mounting clip for AC LED strip

RGB Remote Control for High Voltage LED Strip
Voltage: 110-220V
Current: 1A*3CH
Wattage: max. 720W
Dimension: 300*38*35mm